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Welcome to an exclusive new destination for golf lovers in the city: the golf course at Glade One, set amidst endless greenery and shimmering water bodies, to challenge and delight the beginners as much as the professional golfers among children and adults.

  • Gary Player Design Championship Golf Course
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Members only Golf club with world class amenities
  • Golf academy equipped with latest teaching equipment, led by expert golf professionals


Sports, whether team-based or individual, does a lot for children, beyond providing physical activity. Participating in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence while enhancing social skills. Focusing on the benefits of goals and practice motivate children to excel in academics as well. Playing golf not only instills selfdiscipline and good etiquette in students but can do wonders for one’s mind and body. Give your child a head start in this wonderful game.

  • Golf is a life-long sport
  • Develops habits of self-improvement
  • Instills a habit of physical exercise which helps build fitness and endurance
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves your child’s social and inter-personal skills
  • Improves his/her hand-eye coordination
  • Provides a serene relaxing environment surrounded by fresh air and nature


The academy’s junior golf program is designed to train students to be great athletes in the long run. It provides a competitive yet supportive environment to teach the values of commitment, goal-setting and confidence for athletic as well as academic and personal development. The program includes mental conditioning and physical training to create proficient athletes. Coaching is tailored to individual needs. The student learns how to raise awareness and skill levels through structured, easy-to-understand lessons. This ensures lifelong enjoyment of the game. One swing doesn’t fit all, which is why the Academy’s coaching philosophy focuses on two core fundamentals:

  • Coaching the individual according to his or her unique differences in physical features, style and abilities
  • Focusing on the core fundamentals of golf like body motion and club action, cause and effect
  • The program caters to children of 8 years and above


Learning from the right people is just as important as learning at the right place. Before you choose a golf academy:

  • Look for a PGA/ NGAI certified instructor
  • Expertise and accreditation: Ensure that your instructor has the education and experience to take your game to any level you desire
  • Find an academy that provides the right technology and learning aids


The Glade One Golf Academy has highly rated, certified instructors, a low student-teacher ratio and a variety of programs that offer lessons tailored to a golfer’s individual needs.



Rupinder is a NGAI (National Golf Academy of India) certified instructor, with TPI level 1 certification and also holds a masters degree from the Golf Academy of America. He brings to the table a vast and varied experience in teaching the game at different levels.


With a certification from the National Golf Academy of India, Arshpreet has a playing career of over 20 years. He has multiple wins to his credit and currently plays on the Indian tour. He has also played on the European and Asian tours.


  • 22 individual bays on real turf for professional and lower handicappers
  • 18 individual covered bays on premier quality astro turf for beginners and higher handicappers
  • Driving range with 8 bunkered target greens ranging between 50 and 250 yards, totaling 350 yards in length to ensure a wide variety of shot selections


  • V1 Video Analysis Software
  • Trackman Radar Technology (Analyzes the golfer’s swing and ball flight in real time)
  • Sam Putt Lab
  • K-Vest (Human Motion Training)
  • Training aids, drill and various practice and game management programs


  • All year practice facility which enables you to practice in all kinds of weather condtions. It includes artificial as well as natural turf
  • 22 covered bases to practice from on a 350 yard driving range
  • Dedicated short game area
  • State-of-the-art equipment in the swing studio
  • Special program on golf fitness
  • Lounge/coffee shop


There are places that you live in and then there are places that live in you. Such is Glade One: Abundant in abundance; Luxurious in its simplicity; rich in experiences you’ve never experienced before; Profound in its shallow crystalline pools; an epiphany waiting to be discovered. 270 acres of possibilities one never thought possible. Glade One is a single gated community created by some of the world’s finest professionals who have worked together seamlessly almost like a hive mind. It is an integrated property where each feature has been designed in coherence with a collective whole. Everything is in fluid harmony with everything else, yet each element retains its unique individual personality much like a piece of art in the making.

Glade One, Sanand Bavla Highway, Nani Devti , Ahmedabad , India

Corporate Office:

‘bSafal’ House, b/h. Mirch Masala Restaurant , Off S.G. Highway, Ahemdabad – 380059 , India.

Ph.: 079 61900900

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